"Inspired by simplicity of natural textures, collage, travel and exploration, Giu Giu is a knitwear focused label conveying the playful humor and offbeat freedom that life should embody... despite one’s age or gender". This is the description of Giu Giu, label of Giuliana Leila Raggiani. Created in Boston and of Italian descent, Giuliana learned from her grandmother, Palmira Giglia (owner of luxury store Settebello), the importance of craft in fashion- strengthened later with a specialization in meshes at Central Saint Martins in London. In addition, inherited from Grandma also the passion for clothes Turtleneck: Palmyra became a reference in the segment with his collection "Nonna Turtleneck" (circa 1960s- early 90s).

Adept of yoga, Giuliana aims to develop pieces that make people feel so free as if they weren't wearing anything. The perfect partnership with the photographer and filmmaker Hamadou Frédéric Baldé, born in Paris, of Buddhist Vietnamese mother and a father Muslim Fulani from Guinea-Bissau. Hamadou is in love with mixture of cultural traditions, cuisines, languages and spiritual beliefs. Together, he and Giuliana have created the video series "Nonna", a tribute to the original line of turtlenecks of Giuliana's grandfather. The duo traveled to several places - Paris, Morocco, Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo - and recorded videos of the campaign with real people. The result is the expression of movement among a crowd of ages, races and sexes. The collar, of different color in each town, was used to show the body through natural ways of movement (dance, Ballet, yoga and even the movement of water or the blink of an eye). The first video, released on the fanpage of Giu Giu, was recorded in Paris, and shows a little of what to expect from the upcoming movies: the clothes as freedom of expression and universal concept of love. Cool and necessary!