Why are we taking over Curitiba?

Feature THOMAS BERTI @volobodo
(Marrakesh vocals, guitar and synth)

Curitiba is located in the south of Brazil but still far from Argentina. There's no beach there, there's no sun. Actually, there's sun sometimes but it's 80% of the year cold! When there's summer, the people from there become angry. Curitiba has a lot of euro offspring, mainly from Italy, Poland, Germany and others countries involved in World War II stuffs. The young people were born in an enclosure of tradition legacies. But there's a new generation of kids starting to break the rules. They opened, we got in. Come with U+s!

Brunno Douat, 22

Architecture student and “cucumber solver” at Yarquitetos. INFLUENCES? Ettore Sottsass, Superstudio, Carlo Scarpa and John Hejduk. LACKING CREATIVITY? Don’t stick to visual and graphic references. Read a lot about theory and history in order to have enough tools and methods so you can channel your thoughts and not depend on “moments of inspiration”. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS to be surprised with generations of very talented artists and architects. At the same time I see Brazil as a blank page and as a country with an extremely rich tradition and an infinitude of potential for young professionals. It is to be part of this constant contrast and use it positively to keep moving forward artistically. CURITIBA IS a perfect example of a "provincial metropolis". It has the qualities of large and small cities at the same time. There's a lot going on here regarding new experiences on art and architecture and people willing to use the city's potential to make things happen. 


Coletivo 56

WHO? Luciana Mayume and Álvaro Antonio Alves, 24 y/o. VJs, set designers, event producers and Coletivo 56 co-owners. INFLUENCES? Iluminous, 28 room, VJ Suave, Nonotak Studio and Es Devlin. LACKING CREATIVITY? Don’t think about creating for a while. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS to learn how to reframe every thing. CURITIBA IS provincial but prospective.


Marcelo Fiedler, 30

Illustrator. INFLUENCES? Keith Haring, Alejandro Jodorowski, Simon Landrein, Moebius, Shintaro Kago, friends, internet, sexuality and personal relationships. LACKING CREATIVITY? Do anything but be trapped into creating something (quick tip: learn through new experiences). BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS to be confused, feel bad and good and not compatible, figure out your role in society and make a difference. Being young is not about age it’s about being fresh. CURITIBA IS a small, cold and uncomfortably comfortable city.



Giordano Maestrelli, 18

Filmmaker, film editor and photographer. INFLUENCES? Brazilian culture, Glauber Rocha, Anselmo Duarte, Rogerio Sganzerla, Garcia Marquez, Neruda, J.D. Salinger and Hemingway. LACKING CREATIVITY? Look at this artists and comprehend their process - how they solve problems and get inspired and see how this reflects on their final work. Watching some silly series on Netflix is a nice option though. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS an opportunity to grown in a place full of personality. From music to architecture, going through visual arts and cinema, Brazil is a cube and each side has its own singularity. It’s great to be able to drink from these waters. CURITIBA IS fast, engaging and captivating. Curitiba has this plural aspect of Brasil and at the same time it’s a really cosmopolitan and modern city. It's fascinating to be a part of this organism that moves through this two sides, the vanguard and the traditional, where, although being kind of opposites, one complement each other.




Jade Quoi, 23

Dance teacher, psychology student and BDNT founder. INFLUENCES? Parris Goebel, Laure Courtellemont, Pretty Big Movement, AfroFunk Rio, ImmaBeast Dancers, Amora Amorinha and people. LACKING CREATIVITY? First of all: stress. Second: find something that makes sense to you in a daily basis. If I’m excited, exciting it will be. If I’m feeling blue, I’ll work it out. I’m the kind of person who sits regularly at same table at the same restaurant, you know? But get out of your comfort zone and take a shot in the dark. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS good, right? Having to deal with an unstable political and economic era challenges you to create new ways of seeing things. It makes you join forces, be who you really are and confront some outdated values. After all what we’re doing is swapping an “it could be nicer” for an “of course! it is amazing to be young in Brazil”. CURITIBA IS the place where I’m settled by now. It is discovering the power of the collective, the new and the unknown.


Janis Lima, 25

Photographer. INFLUENCES? Martina Matencio, Petra Collins and Ren Hang. LACKING CREATIVITY? Try something new. Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL is to deal with the pressure of having a socially unnaccepted professional career. CURITIBA IS a bunch of amazing artists that don’t trust themselves.


João Lopes, 26

Designer/Owner for the brands Astro Runners and Copy of a Copy, freelancer designer for High Company and open for new projects. INFLUENCES? FUCT, Matthew Bellosi, 8Ball Community, NBA, Animes, memes, Marrakesh, my brand partners, Knowledge Wave, Tyler Armstrong, my online friends, my girlfriend and my son. LACKING CREATIVITY? Overcome inertia. I never considered myself as a creative person. I'm too pragmatic. I have problems with stepping out of boxes I put myself into plus I have a strong self-criticism which sometimes ends up sabotaging myself. Basketball has been helping me a lot to keep my head going. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS pressure. Commonly related to immaturity and irresponsibility brazilian youth wears a grown-up mask. Young people give away their personal taste and habits in order to be accepted. What gives you respect is the pose and not what you actually do. CURITIBA IS a good place to live. In my 8 years here I could see the city offering more and more platforms and spaces for work related to creativity - merit of those people who seek new ways to express themselves somehow. There’s a big disparity from São Paulo for instance but still I can ride my bike wherever I want, the cost of living is low and the internet fulfils the lack of some things.


Jonas Sanson, 22

Art director and photographer. INFLUENCES? Corny scenes of everyday life. LACKING CREATIVITY? There has to be an income and outcome of new references and reinterpretation of old ideas. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS being able to benefit from the vast cultural sources we have. CURITIBA IS where I got to know, build and root myself. It is comfort, fuel and inspiration. 


Karine Bravo, 21

Creative director at ANGRYmag and tattoo artist. INFLUENCES? Attitude, content and alternative magazine’s graphic design - especially the german ones. LACKING CREATIVITY? Reckon that you’re on a hiatus and talk to people. Give it some space. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS getting by at an early stage of life and having the urge to conquer the world. CURITIBA IS a creative newborn minds incubator.


Lorenzo Molossi, 21

Musician and cultural producer. INFLUENCES? Phil Elverum, Metá Metá and Neon Genesis Evangelion. LACKING CREATIVITY? Live more. Recently I’ve been noticing that if it’s too complicated for me to create something it’s because I’ve nothing to say. The only solution I’ve found is to give it time and, inevitably, have new experiences that will serve as a catalist for creation. BEING YOUNG IN BRASIL IS always being the coming change, and we insist. But, in april 2017, being young in Brasil is possibly having to work twice as hard as did our parents, walking towards a bleak future, having our energy for change stolen. CURITIBA IS home, even if today it’s the jewl of brazilian fascism. A mayor elect that hunts and shuts down cultural movements and projects a huge favouring to big corporations, just like the current country government. It has always been difficult to love this city, but I do not leave it.


Luis Ricardo Ramos, 30

DJ, Music producer and INVDRS CEO. INFLUENCES? Wobble, Mad Decent and OWSLA. LACKING CREATIVITY? Watch a movie, read a book. Don’t ever stop searching for new stuff. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS challenging. At the same time you want to live life at full speed you have to deal with social and economic issues that affects us all. CURITIBA IS changing. The streets were filled boredom but it’s a great place to be right now.



WHO? Fernanda Kowalski, 20 y/o. DJ and Repulsa co-owner. INFLUENCES? I’m down with O Fluxo. LACKING CREATIVITY? Don’t push it too hard. Working with amazing people helps to ease a dazed mind. Anyway my google docs are filled up with almost any kind of project. I archive lots of great stuff I find now and then. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS hoping that all of this political bullshit turns into a major counter-culture movement. CURITIBA IS freedom to personal development. Most capitals talk a lot and aren’t shit but even though it has some low self-esteem Curitiba is the other way around. For a long time I couldn’t look at what I do as a big deal. It took me a while living abroad to figure that out.


Sayuri Kashimura, 27

Visual artist, performer, sound pioneer. INFLUENCES? Butoh, Joseph Beuys, Phillip Glass, Naná Vasconcellos, internet and observing. LACKING CREATIVITY? Get your senses stimulated. Listen to, see and eat something new. Creation is a process. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS pure dystopia with a tropical glow. CURITIBA IS a city that touches but doesn’t get through you. Sometimes sadness comes around but - well, I’m almost a local so that feels like home.





WHO? Gabriel Fedalto and Gustavo Bauer, 21 and 20 y/o. Event producers and Sweetuf (artist collective and record label) co-owners. INFLUENCES? Mamba Negra, Carlos Capslock, Masterplano, Music Nerds, Osgut Ton, Berghain, Perlon, Steyoyoke and Dekmantel. LACKING CREATIVITY? Not a problem. Being part of a 10+ people collective the toughest part is to sort out what goes through our minds. The diversity and conflict of our ideas are crucial for our creative process. We talk about every little thing and that’s where great stuff comes to life. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS difficult. Since most people here don’t care about art playing a big role in human development the government doesn’t offer any cultural or professional stimulus, making it very hard to find your own way. The brazilian youth hurts. CURITIBA IS artsy, music and theatre fuelled and a culture standout in Brazil. Sadly it is also crowded with some really dull figures. Let’s embrace the new, shall we?


Távia Jucksch, 22.

Visual and tattoo artist. INFLUENCES? As a tattoo artist: Blackwork, Maxime Plescia-Buchi, Alexander Grim, Rob Borbas, Kelly Violet and Tine D. As a visual artist: Frederic Fontenoy, Ana Mendieta, Andrei Tarkowski, Henrik Aa. Uldalen, Denis Sarazhin, Laura Makabresku and Benjamin Björklund. LACKING CREATIVITY? Do not look for it. Just let it come to you. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS not to be taken seriously, to listen all about talent and none about hard work, to be stereotyped and to have zero support during childhood. CURITIBA IS where I was borned and raised but not where I’ll live and die.



WHO? Eduarda Camargo and Daniela Borges, 24 and 23 y/o. Co-founders and designers at Textilaria. INFLUENCES? Empty spaces, Helio Oiticica, Rei Kawakubo, surrealism, Lygia Clark, concrete poetry, No Manifesto, Beatles, Sol LeWitt, urban centres, ocean, stars, wind and old stuff. LACKING CREATIVITY? Coffee, a lot. Green tea, a lot. Stop collecting virtual references and walk around, see real life. BEING YOUNG IN BRAZIL IS exhausting. Exciting. Exhausting. Exciting. Exhausting. Exciting. Exhaus... CURITIBA IS an urge for expression.